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ES-2 ‘’Eitan’’ sand blaster

The ES-2 ‘’Eitan’’ sand blaster is manufactured to the highest standard with an ergonomic and stable finish built to last! Very robust and heavy duty built. This unit is equipped with dichroic lamp in recessed position to highlight the air syringe inside the cabinet. Provides full visibility through the tempered inspection glass at view point. The glass is covered with a special protective film to ensure durability. ‘’Eitan’’ also integrated high quality certified filters to retain bust and humidity and added selector for sand recycling.


Equipped with external dial to control the level of blast and easy monitoring with the on view pressure gauge. Easy replacement of rubber coupling and selector for containers inside the apparatus. This unit comes with 2 containers with the right choice of nozzle diameter for polishing. Choice of any size micron-sphere sand from 25-300 can be used.


Ideal application for jewellery workshop and watch industry. Cleaning after casting, mat and design finishing. Cleaning and design application. Dental laboratory cleaning, resign technique for bridges and crowns. Ideal for dental clinic for removal of any material from metal and porcelain. Useful for any metal industries for where a mat finish required.